I Heard the Bells ~ A Christmas Offering

Every few years I make a recording for my mother of my interpretation of some Christmas carol. This year I did I Heard the Bells (the Johnny Marks arrangement, not the hymn).

There’s a teensy bit of algorithm work going on here, but on the whole is it the most “straight up” arrangement of a song I’ve done since I did “O Holy Night” for her about seven years ago.

The Evening Song, Complete — Twice

My tracks for the Psalm 103/104 collaboration are complete. Twice.

You will find two albums on Bandcamp.

The Evening Song — the tracks as I’ve shared them here

103 (The Evening Song) — the same tracks at 103 (or 51.5) beats per minute


Please note that “How Manifold” was originally 103 bpm, so the track is identical on both albums.

How Manifold

[NOTE: This track has been moved to band camp and the link below will now work.]

Another track for the collaboration — most likely the last.

O LORD, How Manifold are Thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of thy creatures.

Not What I Expected — A Commission Piece

A friend is writing a book. Her first. She had the novel (ha ha ha) idea of creating a soundtrack for the book much the way films do. Each chapter has a playlist that she’s listening to as she writes, and which I believe she intends to include with the published work as suggested listening.

She asked me to compose a specific piece to accompany a specific chapter. It has been an interesting challenge to work on something driven by emotions and motivations which are not drawn directly from my own experiences.