Music Centric

Following up on this post from the other day about some kind of long term creative project which attempts to encapsulate an Orthodox view of anthropology through some kind of science fiction lens…

I think the obvious choice is to make it somehow dovetail with my abandoned “All This Time” music project of six to ten months ago. Why re-invent the wheel? Ultimately, my music is my world view.

As I begin to decide how this all comes together, there will be two primary drivers (1) incorporate those twenty songs somehow into the project and (2) ensure that the core of the expression of humanity presented in the project is the vehement affirmation of the free will as fundamental to our image and likeness of God.


Forget the Past, Live in History

I have no idea yet what this is going to look like.

I am about to turn 40 years old, and most of what I have spent my young adult life building is about to vanish.

All I know is who I am, what the Truth is, and that I am a very, very weird person.

It may be a book, a collection of music, a film, a comic book, a cartoon… right now I have no idea.

What I do know is that CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien are great, but let’s face it, intentional or not, they wrote hippy fodder.

The 21st Century needs a different idiom to get people to ask the serious questions about what it means to be human and what it means to fight a righteous cause in the face of insurmountable odds — by which I mean the quest to willing assent to our salvation through God’s grace. To become human.

Science fiction, good science fiction, is obsessed with this question: what does it mean to be human? I, for one, am sick of leaving the attempts to answer this question to people who don’t already know what it is.

Doxacon is launching this year. Sadly, I can’t go. But hopefully i can get tapped into the dialog and find the right path.

I’m tired of sitting on the couch passively experiencing other people’s floundering attempts to find a truth they don’t know when I already know what it is. I need to do something. After all, I know the answer.

It may be a long time in coming.

But watch this space.