Crickets & Choirs

[This track is now finalized, and thus located on Bandcamp, not Soundcloud. The link below will fail, use the link above. ]

Today Nick sent me a few photos of his latest canvas which he called “Cricket Sounds & Choirs”. This is almost the artistic salon equivalent of an inside joke, but that’s ok.

I love this canvas.

I love it so much, that I banged this rough draft out in something like 2 hours which is about 50 hours less than it usually takes to reach this point.

Crickets & Choirs is now on Soundcloud, although not even close to done yet.

And yes, Nick and I are having a minimalist running shoe race to the bottom of the literalism pile. We don’t care. We’re too busy having a lot of fun being friends.

Also, Melanoma and Still Small Voice are likely to migrate to Bandcamp shortly unless I hear meaningful critical feedback from anyone.


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