Choirs & Crickets Is Done, Carnevale is just beginning

[These tracks are now complete, the link below for Carnevale does not work, and you can find both songs on Bandcamp.]

Choirs & Crickets is complete.

I am struggling with a new piece, Carnevale, and don’t know if it will make it into the final track listing or not. But, the draft is now on Soundcloud.

Carnevale literally means “farewell to meat” in Latin and was the term for what Americans now call Mardi Gras — that is the last day prior to the beginning of Great Lent and the corresponding fasting period. The idea here is to capture not the party, not the festival, but the pangs of regret for what is about to be abandoned, and the sense of foreboding at what is about to begin.

For me, this corresponds to Drogo’s last day before entering the cell where he spent the rest of his life.


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