Remix of Andrew Huang’s “You Could Be the Answer” — first draft

I’ve only got until month’s end to finish this, so I have to work quickly.

My first draft is here, and I already know a lot of changes I want to make, but do please let me know what you think. I don’t know if this is IDM, EBM or what we used to call “industrial” or what, but I really like the direction it is going — albeit I think the levels need a lot of work. I also think I’m going to take the recurring “oooh” at the end, and make it an ostinato under the verses. I need something between the verses as well, and I’ll probably add another refrain between that something and the second verse.

You can hear Andrew’s original, and see the excellent video, here (and then follow him as he does really epic musical challenges which are not only amusing, but excellent music) and you can get the full LP (and if you act now there are bonus prizes) by following the links from his Youtube videos to his Bandcamp, Subbable and iTunes locations.


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