Mirror, Mirror Sonic Wall

[Editor’s note: this is up to version 6 at this point.]

Here is a soundscape which has nothing to do with the “Drogo’s View” collaborative event. Having worked with a theme now for so long, working in this way is a strange sensation.

This piece is very “pretty” and it is interesting to realize how uncomfortable that makes me, now. As if the piece is some kind of a “sell out” to what people want from ambient music.

On Soundcloud you will find two versions of “Mirror”. A third will appear shortly.


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror Sonic Wall

  1. Is this you Jhimm? Sounds like we’re playing very different kinds of music; however, I have a pretty sweet synth/Daw setup, so maybe we should collaborate on something for old times sake. \m/

    • Hi Andy! Yes, it’s me.

      This is one aspect of what I do these days. If you click through to Soundcloud you’ll find contemporary versions of Dorothy, Sense and Elanor’s Fate which were the beginnings of a 20 song, 20 year retrospective. I never got any further than that.

      Drop me a line to what you’re working on and I’ll let you know where I think a collaboration could go!

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