Silent Film Scoring Project

Houton Public Media is hosting a composing competition for two silent films which will be aired this November at Discovery Green.

One of the two is the Buster Keaton classic “The Boat”.

My plan is to give each “character” a voice. And by character I mean not only the human actors, but also the house, the boat, the water, the bridge, that kind of thing.

By the end of July I have to have a (pre-determined by HPM) 30 second clip of the film synced to appropriate audio and submitted.

I began today with the guitar part for Buster’s character. I’m using my Danelectro DC-3 running through (what is now probably considered vintage) Line6 Pod 2.0 into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 interface which then feeds into Ableton Live 9.

(Many thanks to a good friend for letting me set up my studio work space in a spare room of her house as my own life and home are going through some slow motion transitions that don’t really allow for setting up quite this much gear.)

Home Studio

Home Studio

The whole situation gets listened to coming out of KRK Rokit6 monitors.

I’m going to be harvesting the piano sounds, and possibly some of the themes (sped up) from the old G# = H piece which I was working on between Drogo’s View and The Evening Song.


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