Silent Film Scoring Project Submission Ready

You can check out my 30 second submission for the HPM composer contest here:

The intent is for each “character” to have a musical voice and theme which begins every time that character appears on screen.

  • The Boat – piano
  • The House – bass guitar
  • The Car – percussion
  • Buster – guitar
  • Wife – banjo
  • Children – same guitar and banjo, pitched up two octaves and four times as fast

There would eventually be representations of the water, the bridge &c. in the full length project.

Because each theme begins as the character appears, the music will mix and mingle in new and interesting ways as the film progresses despite utilizing the same themes throughout. This is evidenced in the 30 second clip because Buster stays on the screen through two or three cuts while other things come and go. His theme carries on, and others fall in and out of sync with him.

Do please let me know what you think. The submission deadline is the end of the month.


5 thoughts on “Silent Film Scoring Project Submission Ready

  1. I read your description two or three times before I listened to the clip itself and from it I was expecting something like “Peter and the Wolf” with only one person at a time.
    So it took two or three re-runs to hear and fit together the pieces.
    Very enjoyable.
    ( — just as an aside, I hope the boat had enough bunks for Buster and his family…)

    • I appreciate the feedback!

      Is there a way I can describe this that will make it more clear what to expect?

      As for Buster’s boat, if I know anything about Keaton films, sufficient bunk space will be the least of their concerns. 🙂

      • I think that if perhaps you were to expand a little on your ‘mix and mingle’ (nice term, that, by the way!) then the reader’s expectation
        is more in line with what he hears.
        But I think also that there is a problem insofar the the piece is ‘overloaded’. The conception is great; the construction and continuity are great, and the piece goes well from point A to point B — but it is too rushed. It is the 30 seconds that squeeze it too tight.

        • Well, I can’t do anything about the 30 seconds. That’s the clip that HPM provided for the submission. If I win, I’ll have to do the entire 30 minute film. That will allow more time for the concept to unfold.

          I’ll expound the wording in the accompanying document when I submit to clarify the intension.

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