All This Time Retrospective — Almost

I have been working for some time as a live percussionist backing up my friend and brother-in-Christ Jacob Minter, a truly excellent jazz guitarist, singer & performer. What began as banging out covers in bars has blossomed into a meaningful partnership for both of us as we have begun to co-author new songs — allowing me to resurrect old lyrics to half-finished pieces that never fully materialized.

Upcoming opportunities to play longer live shows which focus on originals had us scrambling and so I had to crack open the vault and dust off some of the old Scissorkiss, (lisp) & Trespassers William material.

Eight songs will now see the light of day in new form; nearly half the list I had intended to do a fully modern retrospective with.

  • Stop the Flow
  • Dorothy
  • Sense
  • Elanor’s Fate
  • Looking Glass
  • For the Purpose of Being (just “Purpose” on the (lisp) albums)
  • Alone
  • Home

These represented the most low-hanging fruit. The other twelve may come, in time.

For now, they aren’t getting fully new arrangements, but in time, Jake & I will solidify on a sound which I expect to fuse his jazz capacity to my hard leanings into new wave & reggae dub (not dubstep, kids, no) which will begin the process of ultimately achieving the goal of a full retrospective of twenty songs over twenty years.