This May Be Getting Too Baroque

I realize this is supposed to be Bach, but I’m starting to think it is Baroque.

This is by far the most complex piece, structurally, I’ve done.

I don’t know yet if that’s good or not.


There is Real Craft Here

In case you were curious how important things like sound engineering choices and tempo were to these pieces that I work on… in case you had this sense that the computer was doing all the real work… here is G# = H rendered with a proper grand piano at a much faster tempo than the version I released yesterday. Note, the music itself is _exactly_ the same. All I did was speed it up and use a more expensive piano.

Everything about the piece changes.

Grand = H

Mirror, Mirror Sonic Wall

[Editor’s note: this is up to version 6 at this point.]

Here is a soundscape which has nothing to do with the “Drogo’s View” collaborative event. Having worked with a theme now for so long, working in this way is a strange sensation.

This piece is very “pretty” and it is interesting to realize how uncomfortable that makes me, now. As if the piece is some kind of a “sell out” to what people want from ambient music.

On Soundcloud you will find two versions of “Mirror”. A third will appear shortly.

Carnevale “Done”

Version two got literally zero plays on Soundcloud. So, based on the positive feedback to version one, I’m simply going to move it to Bandcamp and move on.

I’ve already got far more material than we can use for the event on February 15th. I suspect that at this point I’ll simply try to coordinate with Alan on what he needs from the pieces to do his thing on the Gittler, and not compose any new pieces beyond these for the show.

Carnevale v2 — maybe done?

[This track is now complete, the link below does not work, and you can find it on Bandcamp.]

I’ve gotten some very positive feedback on Carnevale, so I’ll be moving it to the album as a done track “soon”.

Here’s a version two for more feedback. Unless someone points out a significant flaw, I may very well be calling this done.

Choirs & Crickets Is Done, Carnevale is just beginning

[These tracks are now complete, the link below for Carnevale does not work, and you can find both songs on Bandcamp.]

Choirs & Crickets is complete.

I am struggling with a new piece, Carnevale, and don’t know if it will make it into the final track listing or not. But, the draft is now on Soundcloud.

Carnevale literally means “farewell to meat” in Latin and was the term for what Americans now call Mardi Gras — that is the last day prior to the beginning of Great Lent and the corresponding fasting period. The idea here is to capture not the party, not the festival, but the pangs of regret for what is about to be abandoned, and the sense of foreboding at what is about to begin.

For me, this corresponds to Drogo’s last day before entering the cell where he spent the rest of his life.