Nothing But Time v3

[The link below is broken because Soundcloud allows limited space and I don’t pay for more.¬†Go here¬†for the final version of this track which won’t get removed.]

After some great feedback from iconographer Nick Papas, my non-liturgical art collaborative partner, the third version of Nothing But Time is available on Soundcloud.

Nick pointed out that the underlying synthesis sounded more like a calliope than a church bell, so I made some changes there. It still isn’t 100% church bell, but we’re getting closer.


Sight and Sound, a Partnership

I can happily report that I had a fantastic meeting today with Nick, and that, God willing, we intend to publicly display sight and sound installations as efforts by those with an Orthodox liturgical function engaging in non-liturgical art.

Whether this does or does not ultimately fold into my Orthodox “science fiction” idea is yet to be determined, but insofar as the primary goal of that is to compile art which attempts to answer the question “what is a human person” from the Orthodox perspective, I’d be quite shocked if it had no relevance at all towards that goal.