The Evening Song, Live

The live event went off on February 6th with great success.

I had the opportunity to capture and create fragments during the event itself, and those have become the “bonus track” for the albums both of which can be found here.


Ministers of Flaming Fire

[Editor’s note: the link below no longer works, find the final track on Bandcamp]

Nick challenged me to do a song in a major key. This is the first sketch towards constructing that song.

This is definitely the last of the Psalm 103/104 songs 😉



The Evening Song, Complete — Twice

My tracks for the Psalm 103/104 collaboration are complete. Twice.

You will find two albums on Bandcamp.

The Evening Song — the tracks as I’ve shared them here

103 (The Evening Song) — the same tracks at 103 (or 51.5) beats per minute


Please note that “How Manifold” was originally 103 bpm, so the track is identical on both albums.

How Manifold

[NOTE: This track has been moved to band camp and the link below will now work.]

Another track for the collaboration — most likely the last.

O LORD, How Manifold are Thy works! In wisdom hast thou made them all; the earth is full of thy creatures.