Can’t Do This Alone

Yesterday I spent some hours playing a rousing game of “your song made me think of this song” with a friend who is likely to become a significant partner for collaboration on this project. We have¬†very different¬†musical taste and the connections we made were quite distinct. I think it bodes well for being useful sounding boards (ha ha) for one another during the arrangement and recording phases.

I also think I found where I want to record vocals. This same friend has a sun porch that is 90% glass walls, a stone floor, and a high ceiling. The room’s nearly 20 feet long, but less than 10 feet wide, and so it has a great sound that resonates easily. It will be fun to experiment with different mic positions in the space.

I’m looking forward as well, this coming week, to time in the studio with my good friend the iconographer Nick Papas who agrees with me that artists feed artists, regardless of the media or the intention. He has some painting he does aside from rendering icons (see how deftly I side-step the ‘write’ vs. ‘paint’ debate there?) and I have my soundscapes which I do aside from more structured songs and we’re going to see if these things complement one another.